The Explorer; Adriana Gerasimova


Based in Bulgaria, Adriana Gerasimova is a make-up artist and the creator of Addminimal Creative Studio.

Last year she produced some really cool make up for a Crossroads Project which was featured in SpeciesMag amongst others.

‘The Explorer’ is a photo shoot inspired by traveling and its influence on people. She worked with handmade, traditional fabrics from Bulgaria which are normally used for rituals and remain a potent symbol of its folklore.

Gerasimova says that “being a traveler helps you acknowledge your own unique diversity among all the rest nations”.

For us this had a great production. For the ones who are explorers or for the ones that want to be one, it gives a great feeling of excitement as it shows traveling as it is; the best way to find your identity, improve your home roots, express yourself and to realize why you´re so unique.

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Check out more of her work here.

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