Milo Manara’s History of Mankind illustrated

“Marvel at Milo Manara’s unique take on the History of Mankind where eroticism, war and culture merge seamlessly in beautiful illustrations.

Milo Manara is one of the greatest exponents of the Italian comic genre with this direct, yet beautiful and unique brand of eroticism. His art has attracted collaborations with everyone from Fellini to Marvel, as it is quite simply put, beautiful. One of the best examples is his revisitation of the History of Mankind, where in a water colour like subsequence of strips he represents the development of mankind and its universal culture through the best and the worst of our nature. From intricately drawn costumes and deities to the horrors of war and death, and the unashamed addition of overt copulation, a signature of Manara’s style, he traces the development of mankind into what it is today. This strip is not only a work of art, but it illustrates Manara as a master, as it represents his unique brand of illustrations, due to his deep understanding of man, with our curiosity, intelligence and passion, as well as hate, animalistic instincts and vulnerability.” Valentina Zannoni / Source

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