Lego Factory

Photos by National Geographic at the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark.

Inbar Spector

Fashion designer Inbar Spector  is one of eggwhite’s favourite new discoveries, we admire her work which is inspired by Gothic Victorian crinolines and corsetry. She is one of the most promising upcoming new designers in contemporary fashion.

TRICK OR TREAT! Glass Candy/Halloween

Glass Candy’s new song and video(directed by Alberto Rossini) “Halloween” was premiered this weekend to celebrate halloween. This song is also a taster of their forthcoming release ‘Body Work’.


Matias Aguayo has long been a favourite of Eggwhite’s and recently we have been relistening to his earlier work with Dirk Leyers as Closer Musik. This is a particular favourite of ours, Maria, taken from the album Kompakt Total 4.

Peter Callesen

Danish artist Peter Callesen creates amazing pieces of art simply by folding pieces of paper. It’s awe-inspiring the amount of meticulous detail he is able to capture with such a common material.

China Comics and Animation Museum

Set to begin construction in Huangzhou next year, the China Comics and Animation Museum looks amazing. Designed by the Dutch firm MVRDV and billed as ‘like an Opera House for comics’, it will have three libraries and interactive light displays…

Sebastian E.

Sebastian Errazuriz seeks to create work which remind people of their mortality, inviting them to reexamine their lives and question their routines. This Chilean artist and designer grew up in London but lives and works in New York . We…