Collage Art by Jose Romussi

Artist Jose Romussi breathes new life into his artwork by recollecting images from different old fashion magazines and embroidering colorful thread onto collages. Get inspired here.

Water Cathedral, Santiago de Chile

The Water Cathedral is a large urban structure made up of vertical hanging components varying in height and concentration. Water moves through a hydraulic irrigation network and the stalactite-like components gradually drip water to cool the visitors below. The installation…

Underwater by Enric Adrian Gener

We sometimes forget about the amazing world existing under the sea. Gener’s photography is really captivating, the way he captures the human body underwater is memorable. “Under the sea you are in another world. The inspiration starts once I’m submerged,…

Juan Francisco Casas

It’s really hard to believe that these aren’t photographs but rather the work of a talented artist using only a ballpoint pen. Casas’ artwork is extremely sexy and powerful and is quickly becoming one of the most interesting new Spanish illustrators….

Oleg Dou

Moscow-based Russian photographer Oleg Dou deforms his photos with digital effects. His work blurs the distinction between reality and artifice in a surrealist manner.  

Underball Illustrations / Sebastian Ospina

I just found these great illustrations from Sebastian Ospina, a Colombian artist who manage to mix great colours, textures and images into one great graphic piece. You can find out more about his work here.