Kate Powell Illustration


Kate Louise Powell is a talented and upcoming young artist. Only 18 years old, she already has a very serious passion for art. Kate attends Leeds College of Art where she studies Foundation in Art and Design. Recreationally drawing for most of her life, Kate decided to take her artistic career seriously in 2012 and produced a number of popular illustrations with the reoccurring motifs of flowers and butterflies.

Nature is a very strong central theme in Kate’s art work. “I have loved nature all my life, it is the backbone of everything, it is beautiful and horrible” she says. Kate seeks to produce future work that is a greater expression of herself while continuing to include the theme of nature and questions of beauty.
“To this day, art is shaping who I am. It is bringing me new opportunities, allowing me to meet fantastic people, and constantly giving me hope. If I didn’t draw I’d curl up and die.”

Kate’s passion for the arts combined with her incredible talent definitely makes her an artist to look for in the very near future.

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