Illustrations by Carine Brancowitz


Constantly surrounded by her mother’s sketchbooks, Carine Brancowitz started her art career very early in life. The French artist started drawing by the age of 13 and by 17 sold her first artwork; a still-life oil painting. She attended the Ecole Estienne School of Arts & Graphics industries for 5 years and started drawing with pencils and biros in 2007. Carine is a very eclectic artist, drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, photographs, and life itself.

As you can see here, Carine’s favorite subjects are of what she calls “the missing people” the boys and girls who would be typically passed over without a thought everyday life. Her unique style and use of colours certainly brings a new perspective to these young people. Carine is a very talented modern artist who is still developing her trade and is sure to continue to create great works.

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