Extraña by Rossina Bossio


“I paint women because I find them more interesting aesthetically, and more beautiful.” Says Rossina Bossio, creator of the  exhibition titled ‘Extraña'(Strange). It consists of a series of figurative paintings that explore the relationship between human beings, the space they inhabit, and the objects that surround it. The center, however, is the woman, described and depicted as a universal subject that speaks of the paradoxes of the human condition. “She is my favorite subject: the woman and her body as the center of seduction in society, as part of the history of visual communication and as a symbol of beauty, but a beauty that is not synonymous with the placid and sweet, but the visceral and ambiguous; a beauty that subverts taboos and stereotypes that confronts the viewer. However, do not paint women to talk about feminine because my women are now universal subjects that speak of the human,” Bossio said.

In addition to experience with pictorial space, Bossio’s goal of her work is to insert women in places commonly considered messy and precarious, that would be typically associated with the idea of masculinity. The main inspiration for the creation of these paintings comes from abandoned places, destroyed; unfinished constructions with waste materials, debris, fragments and unusable objects arranged chaotically.

Some details in the paintings are abstract, so you can see an alternation of the figure. However, the paintings are eminently figurative. Not representing women from a neutral perspective, which aims to be objective; it is a realism mediated by a specific look to the woman.

At 28, Bossio has already exhibited in venues such as the Art Museum of Imperial City of Beijing (Bamoic), Tribeca Cinemas in New York, the Grand Palais in Paris and the Museum of Santa Clara Church in Bogota, among many others.

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