Jose De Deigo Middle School in Miami Florida was built, like most buildings in souther Florida, to serve as shelter from hurricanes and tropical storms, and be energy efficient. What that means is that the outside of the school is nothing but large blank walls. Tired of looking at the rather boring building, teacher Catalina Hidalgo contacted local artist to do something about it. When the project was finished, there were a total of 40 artist working on 38 murals.

One such artist, Puerto Rican street artist Bikismo, created one of the most impressive pieces on the school. This painting of a chrome dog is made 100% out of spray paint and took the artist four days to complete. The colored blotches on the art work are actually distorted reflections of the surrounding enviorment, emphasizing the chrome effect even more. Biskmo did an incredible job helping to bring new life to this Southern Florida middle school.

IMG_9744 copia IMG_9749 copiaIMG_9748 copia

 Photos taken by Clara Garrido

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