Cecilia Avendaño

Cecilia Avendano (10)

Cecilia Avendaño was born in Santiago, Chile in 1980. She studied Visual Arts and Photography at the Universidad de Chile and began her art career in 2002, participating in individual and collective shows both in Chile and overseas.

Cecilia has a very unique artform. She manipulates photos of women and girls into beautiful, complex, seductive and delusional images that disturb and violate us with their act. These are portraits of “girls-women-automata” that construct a sort of undefined being capable of exalting the spectator with a gesture of peevish veiled violence, we could say that we are in the presence of monsters with mythological traits, of sirens, monstrous sirens that enjoy a seductive and inaccessible beauty.

Cecilia Avendano (3) Cecilia Avendano (12) cecilia-avendano_pride CECILIA-AVENDANO-Pride-12-Fotografia-y-montaje-digital-80x80cms.-20091 kkkk

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