Ana Karina Delgado


The Sahrawi People of the Sahara Desert live in a modern world built around very old conflicts. Although many nations throughout history have laid claims to these lands in the Western Sahara, it remains today as one of the last major non-self governing territories. Morocco controls most of the territory as its Southern Provinces, but the legality of this is not internationally recognized by any country, and disputed militarily by the Polisario Front, an Algerian-backed movement claiming independence for the territory as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Since 1991, there is a cease-fire between Morocco and Polisario, but disturbances in Moroccan-held territories as well as the ongoing dispute over the legal status of the territory, guarantees hard times for the Sahrawi in the near future. Though the conflict causes much difficulty for the Sahrawi People, they do not lose hope. In fact they flourish and are continually driven by their cause, fighting for independence.

This passion and drive is perfectly captured through the amazing works of Ana Karina Delgado. She is an audiovisual documentary photographer and filmaker who’s camera has taken her as far from home as the Sahara. Karina has worked in film, television, and advertising; was a university professor and has taught several workshops in prisons and vulnerable communities. She has a unique and incredible gift for bringing life and energy to everything she works on, as can be easily seen in her photos of the Sahrawi People.

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