Alexander Semenov has the extraordinary opportunity to see a side of our planet that very few ever get the chance. Luckily for the rest of us, he brings a camera. As head of the divers’ team at Moscow State University’s White sea biological station, Semenov get the chance to view into the deep, dark oceans and see the beauty that is hidden beneath. He hopes to spread interest in the field of marine biology by sharing the incredible photos he captures with the world through social media.

His works and studies has led to multiple collaborations with the National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, Nature, Smithsonian and many more. Semenov is one of many examples of artist who found a balance between art, science, and nature and he hopes to share it all with the world.

Aurelia-aurita-2 Aurelia-aurita-4 Aurelia-limbata-1 Aurelia-limbata-2 Aurelia-limbata-3 Aurelia-limbata-4 Chrysaora-sp-2 Cyanea-capillata-1 Cyanea-capillata-7 Cyanea-capillata-8 Cyanea-capillata-9 Cyanea-capillata-10 Cyanea-capillata-13 Cyanea-capillata-cannibalism Cyanea-capillata-tentacles

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