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May the Art Be with You

Swedish artist Linnea Strid creates hyper-realistic oil paintings inspired by the insignificant actions involving water that we repeat daily. Strid

Consuelo Spanish artist Lola Santos studied Fine Arts in the Santa Isabel de Hungria School of Arts,

"Born into a family of Argentinian artists, illustrator Sofia Bonati studied geology before taking up graphic

Mária Švarbová is delighted by the geometric aesthetic of old swimming pools, especially those built during

While looking at David Burdeny's salterns project, it can be hard to tell if your looking

Stephen Locke lives on the highways and hinterlands of North America. He is a nomadic writer,

Being held since 1965, the Underwater Photographer of the Year contest is open to photographers worldwide. These are

"Deep into the forests of the region of Värmland in Sweden, lies this well-hidden car cemetery.

Erik Thor Sandberg, an oil painter currently based out of Washington, DC, creates beautifully rendered scenes

Taking mass-produced, soulless items and turning them works of art that question and challenge the manufactured world we live in today is the

Fintan Magee, an Australian street artist, is well known for his murals throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Born in the New South

The visibility of distilled water is about 80 metres. "Blue Lake (Rotomairewhenua in Māori) is a small lake in Nelson

Tom Feiling has published his new book 'Short Walks from Bogotá'. He calls it "a timely

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

The Water Cathedral is a large urban structure made up of vertical hanging

JR and José Parlá - Wrinkles of the City project in Havana, Cuba.

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