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Go to Svalbard, Norway

For unbeatable scenery head to Svalbard in Norway, where on clear nights the starry skies, Northern lights and full moon provide plenty of natural light in the winter season. Also as an extra point, in this town dying is illegal….

“Urban Quilombo” by Sebastián Liste

“Urban Quilombo” is a series in which Spanish photographer Sebastián Liste portrays the daily lives of 60 families living in “Galpao da Araujo Barreto”, an abandoned chocolate factory in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil The factory became home to the families who had lived…

Portrait Illustrations by Carmen Ortiz

Bilbao based artist Carmen Ortiz is a self-taught artist who has capture our attention with her brilliant pencil portraits. She’s mainly inspired by portraits of actors and musicians, showing a very detailed expression which is pretty much as good as…

“More Than Human” by Tim Flach

UK-based photographer Tim Flach has created an incredible series of animal portraits called “More than Human“, where he shows the emotive and human side of these animals.