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Metropolis by Martin Roemers

The project Metropolis by Martin Roemers captures the spirit of some of the most populated and chaotic Asian cities. Roemer says “How can people live in such immense, crowded places? For all their chaos, big cities still have a sense of humanity….

Ho Ryon Lee – Overlapping Image

Korean artist Ho-Ryon Lee’s paintings are visually seductive and provocative. He paints using oil on canvas after taking several photos of a model in sensual and revealing poses, creating also a sense of motion.

Photography by Jarek Jarosz

Polish photographer Jarek Jarosz is currently living and working in London. He has travelled the world capturing people and their lifestyles, winning several awards and being featured in many magazines. Jarek is also known for being one of the head photographers…

Crayon Art by Christian Faur

Christian Faur creates pictures using thousands of crayons and putting them together so they appear as pixelated photography.   

2012 Highlights in Pictures

Bombs over Aleppo by Maysun After the storm, Gandia by Pedro Armestre Athens flag day by Aris Messinis Floods in Hoboken by Brendan Smialowski Milk protest, Brussels by Yves Herman Parkour in Gaza by Ali Ali Syrian snipers by Javier…

Trash Land by José Ferreira

Portuguese photographer José Ferreira discovered the Huléne garbage dump, not far from the city’s airport in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. “Trash Land” is a series in which he captures the harsh reality of  the ones living from other people’s waste. Ferreira says “Despite all the…

Beth Hoeckel Prints

Baltimore based artist Beth Hoeckel works mainly on collage, mixed media, and photography. She attended Carver Center for Arts magnet school and the Art Institute of Chicago. Hoeckel says “I’ve been broke most of my life but experiencing the world…

Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth was a model before she became one of the world’s best-known fashion photographers. Her images exude erotism and sexiness while defending the idea of a free woman. Her work has been published in top magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and I-D