Tag: Illustration

“Forming and Fragmenting” by André Wee

Singapore-based visual artist André Wee‘s latest work ‘Forming and Fragmenting’ is a portrait series that exists in an eternal state of transition. It is uncertain whether these figures are in the process of “forming” or “fragmenting” and therefore ironically exist in a…


Illustrations by Chris Arran

Chris Arran says “Illustration never stands still and fashion changes as does technology. It’s easy to get into a formulaic way of working and all of a sudden you can find that you no longer love doing what you do best…

*Wooden Beings* by Anne Quadflieg

Anne Quadflieg’s illustration series *Wooden Beings* mixes vector graphics and collage of bonding sheets in wood appearance. The way she mixes illustration with this appearance is very unique.  She is currently living in Hamburg, Germany and has worked for many…

Eternal Summer by Juls Lopez

Dominican illustrator and architect Juls Lopez has published her latest series of  illustrations “Eternal Summer” which were inspired by her hometown’s colours and textures during this season. Check out more here.    

Underball Illustrations / Sebastian Ospina

I just found these great illustrations from Sebastian Ospina, a Colombian artist who manage to mix great colours, textures and images into one great graphic piece. You can find out more about his work here.


Lianne Mellor

Lianne Mellor is an illustrator, who focuses on creative kitchenware designs, based in the Wirral, UK. Visit her shop to find out more about her products.