Tag: Illustration

Paintings by Chloe Early

Chloe Early was born in Cork, Ireland but is currently living and working in London. She works mostly with oil paintings on linen and aluminum and in her paintings she creates a fantastical troubled dream where strange and wonderful things happen.  

Artist of the Day – Bill Carman

Bill Carman was born in Korea but is currently living and working in Boise, Idaho. He teaches at Boise State University and have illustrated for clients such as Macmillan Publishing, Random House, Opera Idaho, Boise Contemporary Theater, LucasArts and others. Bill says “Children’s book work is some of the best…

Illustrations by Teagan White

Teagan White is a freelance designer & illustrator from Chicago, currently living and working in St Paul, Minnesota. Visit Teagan White

Portraits by Nick Gentry

The British artist Nick Gentry is well known for using recycled floppy disks as canvases and giving them a distinctive function in his portraits.

Illustrations by Elena Landínez

The Colombian artist Elena Landínez creates collage illustrations by recycling pieces of stamps, maps, photos among others. She also adds drawings and typography to her artwork which gives them an interesting and unique style. Elena was commissioned to do  illustrations for publishing…

The Boneyard Project: Return Flight

In the beginning of 2012 Eric Firestone, Carlo McCormick & Medvin Sobio created The Boneyard Project and sourced a collective group of artists to rework, transform and reimagine these abandoned airplanes from the US Air Force into amazing pieces of art. Watch…