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Juliane Hundertmark

Juliane Hundertmark is a German based artist and founder of Galerie Juliane Hundertmark. Hundertmark’s paintings consists of fairy-tale and mythical style creatures from her imagination. These rebellious creations are often depicted in theatrical or disturbing scenes that draw influence from…

Mioke – Intriguing and Surreal Illustrations

Inspired by Hayo Miyazaki (Spirited Away), German artist Mioke creates wonderfully dark, intriguing and surreal illustrations. “Her images are unsettling and charming, strange yet familiar. They feature lonely northern landscapes: isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains…

Paintings by Deenesh Ghyczy

German artist Deenesh Ghyczy paints fragmented portraits by using oil and acrylic. His paintings give the illusion of  looking through a kaleidoscope.

Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth was a model before she became one of the world’s best-known fashion photographers. Her images exude erotism and sexiness while defending the idea of a free woman. Her work has been published in top magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and I-D

*Wooden Beings* by Anne Quadflieg

Anne Quadflieg’s illustration series *Wooden Beings* mixes vector graphics and collage of bonding sheets in wood appearance. The way she mixes illustration with this appearance is very unique.  She is currently living in Hamburg, Germany and has worked for many…