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Bic Pen Illustrations by Helena Hauss

Paris based illustrator, Helena Hauss, uses only Bic ink pens to create very large detailed drawings. Having originally started using Bic pens during her high school years,  Helena never quite became comfortable with anything else. “…no other medium allows me…



Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas has put his own twist on a modern internet craze. Taking “selfies” sent to him by female fans, Juan recreates the photographs using nothing except a ball point pen. The results are so realistic that…

Illustrations by Carine Brancowitz

Constantly surrounded by her mother’s sketchbooks, Carine Brancowitz started her art career very early in life. The French artist started drawing by the age of 13 and by 17 sold her first artwork; a still-life oil painting. She attended the Ecole Estienne…

Juan Francisco Casas

It’s really hard to believe that these aren’t photographs but rather the work of a talented artist using only a ballpoint pen. Casas’ artwork is extremely sexy and powerful and is quickly becoming one of the most interesting new Spanish illustrators….