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Juliane Hundertmark

Juliane Hundertmark is a German based artist and founder of Galerie Juliane Hundertmark. Hundertmark’s paintings consists of fairy-tale and mythical style creatures from her imagination. These rebellious creations are often depicted in theatrical or disturbing scenes that draw influence from…

Photography by Stephanie Jung

Berlin-based photographer Stephanie Jung finished her studies in Visual Communications, where she discovered her passion for experimental photography. She captures the vibrant and chaotic mood of the places she visits.

Fashion Illustrations by Jasmin Fuhr

Berlin based illustrator Jasmin Fuhr creates stylish fashion illustrations by using vectors and watercolours. The way she mixes textures and colours makes her pieces look modern but classic at the same time.


The Berlin Festival of Lights

The Berlin Festival of Lights is one of the largest illumination festivals and public events in the world. If you have the chance to go to Berlin this is a very good reason to visit. This year it will take place…

“Spektrum Berlin” Series by Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich is a self-taught photographer currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. These eye catching photos are taken from his  series “Spektrum Berlin”. The way Heiderich captures architecture is purely full of life. Take a look at his latest series…

Listen to Radio Cómeme

Radio Cómeme says “Cómeme means a body that gives itself away. Every now and then worldwide heralds of the loony beats, ritmo lunatics and self-styled electronic primitives join in for a nightlife fiction to become reality. This collective fantasy, utterly devoted…