Tag: Art

Ho Ryon Lee – Overlapping Image

Korean artist Ho-Ryon Lee’s paintings are visually seductive and provocative. He paints using oil on canvas after taking several photos of a model in sensual and revealing poses, creating also a sense of motion.

Crayon Art by Christian Faur

Christian Faur creates pictures using thousands of crayons and putting them together so they appear as pixelated photography.   

Beth Hoeckel Prints

Baltimore based artist Beth Hoeckel works mainly on collage, mixed media, and photography. She attended Carver Center for Arts magnet school and the Art Institute of Chicago. Hoeckel says “I’ve been broke most of my life but experiencing the world…

“More Than Human” by Tim Flach

UK-based photographer Tim Flach has created an incredible series of animal portraits called “More than Human“, where he shows the emotive and human side of these animals.

Paintings by Chloe Early

Chloe Early was born in Cork, Ireland but is currently living and working in London. She works mostly with oil paintings on linen and aluminum and in her paintings she creates a fantastical troubled dream where strange and wonderful things happen.  

The Art of Burnout

Australian photographer Simon Davidson brilliantly captures the world of racing and the art of burnouts.

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Stockholm-based artist Philip Karlberg is one of the most prominent interior photographers in Sweden. His latest project ‘Pin Art/Plaza’ hints at faces of well known public figures by using over a thousand wooden pegs on several boards and strategic lighting.