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Tom Leighton Digital Art

Photographer Tom Leighton tears apart, reshapes, and eventually recreates the very environment we live in until they are hardly recognizable. Through digital alterations, Leighton engage with the urban landscape. Turning it into something of his own imagination, free from the…



Christiaan Lieverse, an artist out of Eindhoven, Holland, makes use of unusual and unexpected materials as canvases for his works. Asphalt, cowhide, carpet and curtain fabrics are just a few examples of the many types of materials Lieverse uses to…


Extraña by Rossina Bossio

“I paint women because I find them more interesting aesthetically, and more beautiful.” Says Rossina Bossio, creator of the  exhibition titled ‘Extraña'(Strange). It consists of a series of figurative paintings that explore the relationship between human beings, the space they…


Pencil Lead Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

The UFa-based artist Salavat Fidai starts with thick leaded pencils, then he uses an X-ACTO knife to carve miniature replicas of  buildings, hands and various characters from pop culture. Fidai is fascinated by all things miniature, and also paints on seeds and matchboxes….


Mariano Peccinetti Collage

By combining multiple photos, artist Mariano Peccinetti creates incredibly new and thought provoking works of art. His works include everything from typically household objects floating in space, to a farmers field with a second field of wild flowers as the…


Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee, an Australian street artist, is well known for his murals throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Born in the New South Wales town of Lismore and raised in Ipswich, Queensland, Magee gained an early reputation as a graffiti…



Meet Mariana Cortés from Bogota, creator of Objeto. She has found new and creative ways of arranging, planting, and displaying plants around the house. Using everything from old chests to unique pots, Mariana beautifully arranges different types of plants together in…

Cecilia Avendano (10)

Cecilia Avendaño

Cecilia Avendaño was born in Santiago, Chile in 1980. She studied Visual Arts and Photography at the Universidad de Chile and began her art career in 2002, participating in individual and collective shows both in Chile and overseas. Cecilia has…

Oil Paintings by Linnea Strid

Swedish artist Linnea Strid creates hyper-realistic oil paintings inspired by the insignificant actions involving water that we repeat daily. Strid says “I get inspired by all sorts of events, many trivialities can become fascinating subjects to me. Sometimes I get obsessed with trying to…