Kenya: Dandora Dump

Kenya’s Dandora Dump Near Nairobi is one of Africa’s largest dumping and scavenging grounds. Mountains of rubbish are thrown away by the residents and businesses of the Kenyan capital and every day thousands of slum dwellers try to make a living.

Images by Micah Albert.


  1. Reblogged this on JWest Gallery and commented:
    The amazing lives of the 3rd world dwellers. I hate the word slum or dwellers.
    It feels negative. I think the words like township and people are better suited. They are such hard workers, that thrive off the waste of their capitalist society. They have inadvertently beat the system of consumption.
    I would, and I honestly mean it, live in a township. I want to feel the love that is so tightly woven in through communities in which they live. I want to learn their way of surviving in a place that seems so unforgiving to the outside world.
    This picture is beautiful but only tells a small part of a very big story that belongs to the lives of these amazing people.

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