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Burning Man By Victor Habchy

Photographer Victor Habchy has always dreamed of visiting the surreal and bizarre wonderland known to the world as The Burning Man festival. One day, he decided to make his dream a reality. The French photographer simply packed his bag and…

Listen to Radio Cómeme

Radio Cómeme says “Cómeme means a body that gives itself away. Every now and then worldwide heralds of the loony beats, ritmo lunatics and self-styled electronic primitives join in for a nightlife fiction to become reality. This collective fantasy, utterly devoted…

Alejandro Paz

Chilean DJ and producer Alejandro Paz is currently one of the directors of Radio Cómeme. Ale has recently moved to Cologne, Germany to embark on some exciting new projects (and it will give us the chance to see him live…

TRICK OR TREAT! Glass Candy/Halloween

Glass Candy’s new song and video(directed by Alberto Rossini) “Halloween” was premiered this weekend to celebrate halloween. This song is also a taster of their forthcoming release ‘Body Work’.


Matias Aguayo has long been a favourite of Eggwhite’s and recently we have been relistening to his earlier work with Dirk Leyers as Closer Musik. This is a particular favourite of ours, Maria, taken from the album Kompakt Total 4.


Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is a Norwegian singer, novelist and performance artist. We have recently fallen in love with her first solo album Viscera which reminds us of Kate Bush, Bjork, Diamanda Galas and Patti Smith. Whilst Hval’s work sounds sweet at…