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Fifi Lapin

Fifi Lapin was the only survivor from a deadly epidemic among all of 256 brothers and sisters therefor she became the spoilt rabbit of the family. Lapin was named by Elle magazine as ‘The world’s most stylish bunny’ and by Vogue magazine…

Series of Retro Future Ads

Created by Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda as part of Maximidia Seminars‘s ad campaign “Everything Ages Fast”.

“Forming and Fragmenting” by André Wee

Singapore-based visual artist André Wee‘s latest work ‘Forming and Fragmenting’ is a portrait series that exists in an eternal state of transition. It is uncertain whether these figures are in the process of “forming” or “fragmenting” and therefore ironically exist in a…

Eternal Summer by Juls Lopez

Dominican illustrator and architect Juls Lopez has published her latest series of  illustrations “Eternal Summer” which were inspired by her hometown’s colours and textures during this season. Check out more here.    

“Short Walks from Bogotá” – Graffiti

Tom Feiling has published his new book ‘Short Walks from Bogotá’. He calls it “a timely and multi-faceted exploration of a country as fascinating as it is feared”. His journey shows how Colombia’s recent past has influenced its street art. Feiling will be giving a…

Glenn Moust

“It all started on a long trip to Greece. My initial purpose with the trip was to relax and do absolutely nothing apart from that, but after a while I got bored. And as I had previously done a couple…

Lianne Mellor

Lianne Mellor is an illustrator, who focuses on creative kitchenware designs, based in the Wirral, UK. Visit her shop to find out more about her products.