Category: Fashion

Inbar Spector

Fashion designer Inbar Spector  is one of eggwhite’s favourite new discoveries, we admire her work which is inspired by Gothic Victorian crinolines and corsetry. She is one of the most promising upcoming new designers in contemporary fashion.

Prince Láuder

Mexico’s 19 year old Prince Lauder (aka Carlos Guerrero) is a very talented illustrator/collagist who uses fashion as his main source of inspiration. We particularly love his use of colour and how he seeks to show the personality of the…


Denise Grünstein

Having had numerous exhibitions at many of Sweden’s leading museums Denise Grünstein has established herself as one of Sweden’s leading photographers. Her photos present a slightly quirky, intensely personal take on the subject at hand and we’re particularly enamored with…


Hide and Seek

Frédérique Daubal is a French artist and photographer who has previously lived in Montreal and The Netherlands but is now residing in Paris. Working freelance for the likes of Arktip, Beams Japan, Colette Paris and Hint Fashion Magazine she likes…