Category: Design

Lianne Mellor

Lianne Mellor is an illustrator, who focuses on creative kitchenware designs, based in the Wirral, UK. Visit her shop to find out more about her products.

World’s first zero-carbon city: Masdar

Masdar City, a city being built near Abu Dhabi, plans to run entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources. It hopes to become the first zero-carbon, zero-waste city.

Art Created Using Matches

Los Angeles based artist Pei-San Ng is creating really cool art using coloured matchsticks. As a result we see great figures with diverse shapes, we´re amazed with this beautiful work.

Sao Paulo

Some people say that Sao Paulo is the world’s third biggest city. Some say it’s only the seventh. Either way Sao Paulo is massive. Unfortunately we only had the time and money to spend four days in this magnificent city…

Mite Gallery & Purr Books

If you’re in Buenos Aires or plan on coming we recommend that you check out the Mite Gallery. It showcases work from some of Argentina’s best young artists such as Sol del Rio, Lucila Penedo, Julia Corsaro, Nicolas Ozuna, Alejandro…

Fat Suggar Daddy

Fat Sugar Daddy is a Bogota based illustrator who describes his work as “illustration for kids but with guts out; the death of toys”. He has recently drawn his very own interpretation of eggwhite, we hope you like it as…

eggwhite eco bags

A few weeks ago, Buenos Aires’ la* and eggwhite decided to collaborate on a project for the International Environment Day, so we designed a variety of ecological bags for everyday use. On the 5th of June (International Environment Day) we…