Category: Architecture

Sky Art series by Thomas Lamadieu

Thomas Lamadieu’s creates playful drawings and illustrations using the blue sky spaces between buildings. His latest pieces are set against backdrops above South Korea, Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain. In some of his images, he uses objects that are already there…

Futuristic Aerial Views of London by Vincent Laforet

At first glance, these photos may appear to be an ariel view of a city from some new futuristic sci-fi thriller. A closer look, however, reveals that they are actually photographs of modern day London. Vincent Laforet, the photographer who captured…

New York & London Double Exposure

Daniella Zalcman’s series New York & London is a project in which she blends the architecture, people, lines, style and shapes of these two very different cities but at the same time so amazingly similar. “They’re both places I adore, and…

The Haunting Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The Haunting Hill of Crosses is an area located in Šiauliai, Lithuania, covered with an estimated 55,000 crosses. Crosses of every shape and size, including rosaries, are crowded together in huge piles across the entire hillside. They are memorials to Lithuanian patriots who…

Surrealist Brazilian Favelas by Dionisio González

Spanish photographer Dionisio González has re-imagined the very poor suburbs of Brazil, creating a new notion of shantytowns by fusing the existing infrastructure with modern and fantastical architecture.  These imaginary favelas are pure digital manipulation that the artist creates from scratch.

A Library Slide by Moon Hoon

Architect Moon Hoon created the Panorama House, a dynamic environment for an active, growing family in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. One of the most unique features is a wooden slide built directly into a library which also functions as a stair-stepped home theater seating area….

Metropolis by Martin Roemers

The project Metropolis by Martin Roemers captures the spirit of some of the most populated and chaotic Asian cities. Roemer says “How can people live in such immense, crowded places? For all their chaos, big cities still have a sense of humanity….

Visit Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Burano series by Daniel Kordan

After finding this amazing series, the only thing I can think about is Burano will be my next holiday destination. Find out more about Daniel Kordan’s photography here. Visit КОРЖОНОВ ДАНИИЛ