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Taking mass-produced, soulless items and turning them works of art that question and challenge the manufactured world we live in today is the base of Matthew Spencer‘s art. Old abandoned buildings or vehicles, sometimes vandalized or burnt out amidst woods…

Coney Island

Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes

Day to Night, created by Stephen Wilkes, is a compilation of stunning photos showing both the day and night scenes of landmarks from around the globe in one single photograph. To achieve this mind blowing effect, Wilkes spends up to…


Extraña by Rossina Bossio

“I paint women because I find them more interesting aesthetically, and more beautiful.” Says Rossina Bossio, creator of the  exhibition titled ‘Extraña'(Strange). It consists of a series of figurative paintings that explore the relationship between human beings, the space they…


Bic Pen Illustrations by Helena Hauss

Paris based illustrator, Helena Hauss, uses only Bic ink pens to create very large detailed drawings. Having originally started using Bic pens during her high school years,  Helena never quite became comfortable with anything else. “…no other medium allows me…


Futuristic Aerial Views of London by Vincent Laforet

At first glance, these photos may appear to be an ariel view of a city from some new futuristic sci-fi thriller. A closer look, however, reveals that they are actually photographs of modern day London. Vincent Laforet, the photographer who captured…


Pencil Lead Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

The UFa-based artist Salavat Fidai starts with thick leaded pencils, then he uses an X-ACTO knife to carve miniature replicas of  buildings, hands and various characters from pop culture. Fidai is fascinated by all things miniature, and also paints on seeds and matchboxes….


Andreas Lie – Double Exposure Animal Portraits

Influenced by his surroundings in Bergen, Norway, a coastal city surrounded by seven mountains, visual artist Andreas Lie creates stunning works of art featuring both the local wildlife and their natural habitat. Lie merges beautiful landscapes and photographs of animals…


Stefano De Luigi – Kenya

As a documentary, Stefano De Luigi‘s works can rattle the hearts of even the most stone cold viewers. His 2009 series of works on the Kenyan drought is no exception. Stefano’s photographs show how the drought effects both the people…


Ana Karina Delgado

The Sahrawi People of the Sahara Desert live in a modern world built around very old conflicts. Although many nations throughout history have laid claims to these lands in the Western Sahara, it remains today as one of the last major non-self…