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Meet McKenzie Fisk

Meet McKenzie Fisk, an artist from Los Angeles, California. Fisk paints children and animals together in a surreal realism style to represent the raw, uncorrupted childhood experience. “As kids, we are unencumbered by physical limitations and largely unclouded by pre-conceived…

Ahlu-Kheyr Public Mental Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia. Many Somalis will take their mentally ill relative to traditional or Khoranic healers for treatment. Photo Robin Hammond/Panos. May, June 2011, Somalia.

“Condemned” by Robin Hammond

Robin Hammond‘s photo series entitled “Condemned” aims to expose the cruel and terrible treatment of mental patients in East Africa and raise awareness world wide. The human rights photojournalist originally traveled to South Sudan to document the birth of the…



Taking mass-produced, soulless items and turning them works of art that question and challenge the manufactured world we live in today is the base of Matthew Spencer‘s art. Old abandoned buildings or vehicles, sometimes vandalized or burnt out amidst woods…